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Observium CE 0.14.11 with embedded MariaDB (MySQL) Database
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Dockerfile for Observium with embedded MariaDB (MySQL) Database

Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring platform supporting a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems




Build from docker file:

git clone
cd paperwork
docker build -t zuhkov/observium .

You can also obtain it via:

docker pull zuhkov/observium


Create your Observium config directory (which will contain both the properties file and the database) and then directories for the logs and RRDs and then launch with the following:

docker run -d -v /your-config-location:/config -v /path-to-logs:/opt/observium/logs -v /path-to-rrds:/opt/observium/rrd -p 8668:8668 zuhkov/observium

To set the timezone for Observium, pass in a valid value as an environment variable:

docker run -d -v /your-config-location:/config -v /path-to-logs:/opt/observium/logs -v /path-to-rrds:/opt/observium/rrd -e TZ="America/Chicago" -p 8668:8668 zuhkov/observium

If you do not specify a timezone, the timezone will be set to UTC.

Browse to http://your-host-ip:8668 and login with user and password observium


Observium Community is an open source project and is copyright Observium Limited

This docker image is built upon the baseimage made by phusion

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