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Google Cloud SDK for CoreOS. Useful for dynamically managing your Project via Google's APIs.
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Google Cloud SDK for CoreOS.

This Docker image contains a minimal Cloud SDK plus some useful tools for using with CoreOS on Google Compute Engine.

This image is based on google/cloud-sdk - but much smaller!

Tools & Examples

See the samples directory for use cases (more to come!).

  • gce-lb-presence: Dynamically add and remove instances to/from Google Cloud Compute target pools (Network Load Balancer)
  • ... any ideas? Contact me, if you have additions


Your machines need to be created with service scopes (especially compute-rw)in order to be authorized to access the APIs. For instance, create machines like this:

gcloud compute instances create \
  core-01 core-02 core-03 \
  --image coreos \
  --zone europe-west1-b \
  --machine-type n1-standard-1 \
  --metadata-from-file user-data=cloud-config.yaml \
  --scopes compute-rw storage-ro
  --tags http-server
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