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CentOS-based IPython Notebook

centos-ipynb is a CentOS-based docker image that hosts an IPython Notebook
instance. The root directory forms the base of an IPython install, which can be
built on to provide more functionality & bundled modules, such as for NLP. The
usable images are in the img-base and img-nlp directories.

The instance comes with the following Python modules pre-installed:

Only included with the -nlp image (due to its additional data size):

Your notebooks can be persisted by mounting the /notebooks volume:

docker run -v /host/notebooks-dir:/notebooks zxgm/centos-ipynb

The internal HTTP port is 8888, which is the default. You can expose the port
using the -p option:

docker run -p 8000:8888 zxgm/centos-ipynb

You can of course combine both -p and -v options.

You can pass additional options directly to docker run to the ipython executable, for example:

docker run zxgm/centos-ipynb --help

Shutting Down

To shutdown the instance, use docker stop. It will cleanly shutdown the
kernels and the default is to wait 10s but you can make it wait longer by
passing -t <wait-time> to docker stop.


If you need to debug the docker image for some reason, pass
--entrypoint=/bin/bash to docker run to drop into a Bash shell. The user
that runs IPython notebook is ipynb and you can login with that user by also
passing -u ipynb to docker run.

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