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Short Description
An HAProxy for load balancing Kubernetes endpoints.
Full Description

Kubernetes Endpoint Proxy

An HAProxy for load balancing Kubernetes endpoints.
Particularly useful for running Kubernetes on Mesos/Mesosphere DCOS. This is because
in a Kubernetes cluster the endpoint ports and IP addresses may change for a service.

This proxy will monitor the endpoint for changes in etcd and update HAProxy with the new

Getting Started

Given the following service in Kubernetes, we will run the proxy container with
the options below.

Environment Variables

  • ETCD_SCHEME - etcd connection scheme (http)
  • ETCD_HOST - etcd host (leader.mesos)
  • ETCD_PORT - etcd port (4001)
  • KUBERNETES_ENDPOINT - Kubernetes endpoint id or service id
  • HAPROXY_HEALTH_CHECK_PATH - Optional path for checking if an endpoint upstream is available.

Kubernetes Service pandora-nginx

    "id": "pandora-nginx",
    "kind": "Service",
    "apiVersion": "v1beta1",
    "port": 80,
    "containerPort": 80,
    "selector": {
        "name": "pandora-nginx"
    "labels": { "name": "pandora-nginx" }

Docker Example

docker run -e "ETCD_HOST=leader.mesos" \
           -e "ETCD_PORT=4001" \
           -e "KUBERNETES_ENDPOINT=pandora-nginx" \
           -e "HAPROXY_HEALTH_CHECK_PATH=/robots.txt" \
           -p 80:80 \

Requests should then be routed through the proxy to the endpoint.

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