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A Docker image for using Buildroot.
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A Docker image for using Buildroot. It can be found on Docker

Get started

To get started build the Docker image.

$ docker build -t "advancedclimatesystems/buildroot" .

Create a data-only container to use as build and download
cache and to store your build products.

$ docker run -i --name buildroot_output advancedclimatesystems/buildroot /bin/echo "Data only."

This container has 2 volumes at /root/buildroot/dl and /buildroot_output.
Buildroot downloads al data to the first volume, the last volume is used as
build cache, cross compiler and build results.


A small script has been provided to make using the container a little easier.
It's located at scripts/ Instructions below show how
to build a kernel for the Raspberry Pi using the a defconfig provided by

$ ./scripts/ make raspberrypi2_defconfig menuconfig
$ ./scripts/ make

Build products are stored inside the container at /buildroot_output/images.
Because mounts the local folder images/ at this place the
build products are also stored on the host.

Build with existing config

It is possible to build from a custom configuration. To demonstrate this, the
repository contains a configuration to build a minimal root filesystem, around
25 mb, with Python 2. This config is located at

The external/ directory contains a set of modifications for Buildroot. The
modifications can be apllied with the environment variable BR2_EXTERNAL.
Read here more about customizations of Buildroot.

$ ./scripts/ make "BR2_EXTERNAL=/root/buildroot/external docker_python2_defconfig menuconfig"
$ ./scripts/ make

If you've modified the configuration using menuconfig and you want to save
those changes run:

$ ./scripts/ make BR2_DEFCONFIG=/root/buildroot/external/configs/docker_python2_defconfig savedefconfig

Docker image from root fileystem

Import the root filesystem in to Docker to create an image run it and start
a container.

$ docker import - dietfs < images/rootfs.tar
$ docker run --rm -ti dietfs sh


This software is licensed under Mozila Public License.
© 2017 Auke Willem Oosterhoff and Advanced Climate Systems.

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