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docker images which already include build dependencies and could be used for build package.
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#docker image which used to build network-manager
the dependency is ready to build packages which be listed below

  • network-manager deb package in Ubuntu:
  • just use debuild -i -b -uc -us to build it.
  • verified on: deb package source of network-manager-1.2.2

  • upstream network-manager:

    • I got some error by following wiki to execute 'make' after '', then execute ./configure before make could fixe it.
    • verified on: upstream source of commit ba2b2de3adcf3e8286249523e3841858e0c2655c
  • network-manager-gnome:


 $ docker run -it --rm -v $(ccache -p | grep cache_dir -m 1 | awk '{print $NF}'):/ccache -v `pwd`:/srv/src alextucc/build-pkg:network-manager
 # followed the build instructions to build it.
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