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Latest Python 3.4 build + fully loaded FFMPEG built from source
Full Description

A Docker image running ampervue/python34 and latest FFMPEG (built from source)

To Build

docker build -t <imageName> .

To pull and run from

Docker Hub:

Source and example:

docker pull ampervue/ffmpeg
docker run --rm -ti ampervue/ffmpeg ffmpeg -version
docker run --rm -ti -v ${PWD}:/work ampervue/ffmpeg ffmpeg -i video.mp4 ...
docker run --rm -ti -v ${PWD}:/work ampervue/ffmpeg python
docker run --rm -ti ampervue/ffmpeg bash


As an example, the python script uses FFMPEG to download a movie from the web and create a 100x100 thumbnail

# Pull image
docker pull ampervue/ffmpeg

# Get example files and build new image
git clone
cd example
docker build -t thumbnail .
docker run --rm -ti thumbnail --input

# Mount current directory on container so that file can be written back to host
docker run --rm -ti -v ${PWD}:/code thumbnail --file
ls thumbnail.jpg
open thumbnail.jpg

Python 2.7

For Python 2.7, use

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository