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WebSocket server for AnyCable
Full Description

WebSocket server for AnyCable.


docker run -p 8080:8080 -e "REDIS=redis://redis:6379/0" -e "RPC=rpc:50051" anycable/anycable-go

Environment variables

Name Description Default Note
RPC RPC service address None Required
REDIS Redis service url None Required
REDIS_CHANNEL Redis pub/sub channel "__anycable__" Was "anycable" prior v0.5.0
ADDR HTTP bind address "" Required prior v0.5.0
WSPATH WebSocket endpoint path "/cable"
LOG Turn on debug logging None
DISCONNECT_RATE Number of Disconnect calls per second 100
HEADERS Comma-separated of headers to proxy to RPC "cookie" Since v0.5.0
SSL_CERT Path to SSL certificate "" Since v0.5.1
SSL_KEY Path to SSL private key "" Since v0.5.1
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