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Automated Example Application Build.
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Example Application

This is the example for a web application using Servlet-/PersistenceContainer and MessageQueue. The example application should give developers a broad overview of the possibilities they have as well as best practices.

Running with Docker

The application comes with a common Dockerfile (All-in-One container) and a docker-compose.yml (Distributed application with a container for each service).

The simplest way to run the example using Docker is

$ docker run -p9080:80 appserver/example

This uses the last image found on Docker Hub and starts a fresh container All-in-One container. To start using the application, open a browser and enter the URL

The second way the start the application is docker-compose which starts a distributed version of the application, whereas each service

  • Webserver
  • Message-Queue
  • Persistence-Container
  • MySQL

start's a own container. The containers are connected by the Docker network and the application components are using the remote interfaces to communicate with each other.

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