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A docker image of SRT Tool (Software Reliability estimation Tool).
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We designed a tool which will determine the reliability of a software based on the failure data. Such tools
enable the big software vendors to assess their software and predict the reliability. This tool is based on
the mathematical software reliability growth models. Many such tools are available already but the key is
to design a web based tool so that software reliability estimation can be provided as a service. This link
( describes a detailed procedure to integrate a new Software
Reliability Growth Model into an Open Source Software Reliability Tool named SRT. SRT is designed in a
modular approach to integrate any new or existing contributed Software Reliability Growth Model. Model
Architecture is loosely coupled with the Tool architecture, making it easier for the model contributors to
focus on mathematical details of the model rather than on the design elements of tool architecture. The tool
architecture validates the model and integrates it transparently using Travis CI webhook. Contributors can
visualize the application of their model on the failure data immediately after their model is validated. This
flexible architecture allows reliability researchers and practitioner to integrate their own models and use the
tool under the Open-Source MIT license agreement. The contributors can also (benchmark) compare and
contrast their models with other models based on the robustness in terms of data handling and efficiency in
terms of time complexity. For the model to be valid the contributors must follow specific procedural steps
and conventions which are essential for model integration. My project report serves as a guide to tool users
and model contributors with necessary details of overall tool architecture. The model contributors guide and
contributors guide are provided on github.

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