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a container to assemble and run MIPS software using GCC and QEMU
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A container with QEMU and GCC for MIPS to cross compile and run MIPS C and Assembler code on x86.

Example usage

  user@localhost:~# docker run -it asmimproved/qemu-mips
  root@9a4a95aeccde:/project# mips-linux-gnu-gcc -static -mips32r5  demo.s -o demo
  root@9a4a95aeccde:/project# qemu-mips demo
  Hello World!

Vim can be used within in the container to write source files.

To make an pre-existing project available in the container run the container using the following command:

  user@localhost:~# docker run -it -v $PATH_TO_PROJECT:/project asmimproved/qemu-mips
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