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OSSEC HIDS 2.9 Server Container
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Based on Centos 7, this can be easily adapted for RHEL 7 for FIPS-140-2 compliance. By default this container
will create a volume to store log and agent key data under /var/ossec/data.


    docker run -d -p 1514:1514/udp -p 1515:1515/tcp --name ossec-server <image>

Launch with a specified Volume:

docker volume create ossec-data

    docker run -d -p 1514:1514/udp -p 1515:1515/tcp -v ossec-data:/var/ossec/data --name ossec-server atomicorp/ossec-docker

Attach to running

    docker exec -it ossec-server  bash


    Dan Parriott, too many things to list!

    Xetus OSS for the original OSSEC Docker project:
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