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Pebble development environment

Legal Note

You must accept the Pebble Terms of Use
and the SDK License Agreement
to use the Pebble SDK.

Usage as terminal

For example if you created a directory pebble-dev in your home directory
you start the container with:

docker run --rm -it -v ~/pebble-dev/:/pebble/ bboehmke/pebble-dev

This opens a shell where you can use the pebble command.
The actual directory is already /pebble/ (or the host dir ~/pebble-dev/).
If you close the session, the docker container is removed.

If you want to reuse the container you should start it with:

docker run --name=pebbleDev -it -v ~/pebble-dev/:/pebble/ bboehmke/pebble-dev

After you close the shell and the container exit, you can use the restart the
container with:

docker start -it -a pebbleDev

Direct usage

If you have created a project in ~/pebble-dev/project you can build the
app with:

docker run --rm -it -v ~/pebble-dev/project/:/pebble/ bboehmke/pebble-dev pebble build

If the app should be installed after build you can achieve this with:

docker run --rm -it \
    -v ~/pebble-dev/project/:/pebble/ \
    bboehmke/pebble-dev \
    sh -c 'pebble build && pebble install --phone='

This works if the phone has the IP address ''.


To use the emulator, you have to add
-e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix.
Start the container with:

docker run -it --rm \
    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
    -v ~/pebble-dev/:/pebble/ \

If the XServer on the host system only allow valid user (e.g. Arch Linux),
you have to add -v ~/.Xauthority:/home/pebble/.Xauthority --net=host:

docker run -it --rm \
    --net=host \
    -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
    -v ~/pebble-dev/:/pebble/ \
    -v ~/.Xauthority:/home/pebble/.Xauthority \
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