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EYE Semantic Web Reasoner
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What is EYE?

EYE is a Semantic Web Reasoner which uses N3/Turle data and rules. It is a semibackward reasoner enhanced with Euler path detection.

More details about the reasoner can be found on the EYE home page

Learn more about Semantic Web Reasoning With EYE with a tutorial by Ruben Verborgh

How to use this image

Run eye

docker run bdevloed/eye

Command line arguments can be passed in the same way as with a natively installed eye, e.g.:

docker run bdevloed/eye \ \ \
    --query \

Some convenient aliases

alias eye='docker run --rm \
    -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) --net=host -i bdevloed/eye'
alias eye-update='docker pull bdevloed/eye'

The -v $(pwd):/$(pwd) -w $(pwd) makes local files in the current working directory accessible inside the container (on Linux with a Docker engine running locally). Using the host network stack reduces the overhead of spinning up a container. -i is needed for eye --multi-query.

Check out EyeServer for a web service wrapped around EYE to send reasoning requests to a running Docker container.


The Dockerfile is available on GitHub

Docker Pull Command