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Grav in Docker made easy
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Grav Docker container


First way

A folder called user will be created in the same folder as you are running this (if it doesn't exist already). You can then develop in this folder.

# Start the container in the background, mapping port 3030 to your Grav container
docker run \
  -v $(pwd)/user:/var/www/html/user \
  -p 3030:80 \
  --name mygrav -d benjick/grav
# Installs the default theme 'antimatter'
docker exec mygrav bin/gpm install antimatter

Now you can go to localhost:3030 and see your page in action.

# start with a skeleton
git clone ./user
rm -rf ./user/.git
docker run \
  -v $(pwd)/user:/var/www/html/user \
  -p 3030:80 \
  --name mygrav -d benjick/grav

Second way

If you want to push your app to a registry this might be what your Dockerfile looks like

FROM benjick/grav:latest
COPY ./user /var/www/html/user

and to run it

docker build -t myapp .
docker run -p 3030:80 --name mygrav -d myapp

Where user is the user-folder for your Grav site

For Mac

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository