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Container for the newsletter script for Calibre-Web.
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This image is a container for the cps-Whatsnew script, a newsletter script for the Calibre-Web application.

  • You can find out more about the cps-Whatsnew script here.
  • You can find out more about the Calibre-Web application here.


The code to run the application is contained in its own directory. All typical customizations can be done in the /custom directory. This includes the email template that is used.

The container should copy default configuration/template files every time its started. It should not overwrite any files.

cron job

Basically this whole image was created to execute the cps-WhatsNew script on a scheduled basis. A cron job has been created in the container to execute the script on Friday mornings. To change the cronjob, simply open a bash shell to the container and make your modifications directly.

docker-compose file

Below is a sample docker-compose file you can use for this particular image:

version: '2'
    image: bodybybuddha/cpswhatsnew
    container_name: cpswhatsnew
    tty: true
      - /cpswhatsnew/logs:/logs
      - /cpswhatsnew/custom:/custom
      - /cps/config:/calibre-web/config
      - DEBUG=false
      - LOG_CFG=/custom/logging.json
      - CPSWHATSNEW_CFG=/custom/config.json

The volume mount of '/cps/config:/calibre-web/config' is used if you are planning on using the Calibre-web database as an email source.

Check out for a container for the Calibre-web application. You can simply create a docker-compose file that contains that application and this script quite easily.

Support/More Info

You can find more information and support at

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