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Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) - Frontend
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Dockerfile for osrm-frontend

This container run osrm-frontend for osrm-backend project.

Quick Start

When you start the osrm-frontend you must specify the API host and port. How to do it is written below.


Start OSRM API and generate route files.

Warning OSRM files can be generated for a long time, about 30-60 minutes.

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 -v /data/osrm-mos:/osrm-data --name osrm-api cartography/osrm-backend-docker:latest osrm Mos ""

Start OSRM Frontend

docker run -d --link osrm-api:api --name osrm-mos-front --restart=always -p 8080:80 cartography/osrm-frontend-docker

You must --link osrm-frontend container with osrm-api with api tag. Or use API_PORT_5000_TCP_ADDR and API_PORT_5000_TCP_PORT variables to set host and port of the api.

You can test it by visiting http://container-ip:8080

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