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Dockerized version of prophtools heterogeneous network propagation tool.
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This is a dockerized version of prophtools, General Prioritization Tools for Heterogeneous Biological Networks. The source code can run native on Ubuntu, and it can be found on GitHub:

In order to run this dockerized version of prophtools, you must take into account that it runs on .mat files provided by the user, and, as such, they must be added as a Docker Data Volume. For more info on this, look at Docker documentation.

As an example, if you have a sampledata folder that you would like to use:

sudo docker run -v pwd/sampledata/:/sampledata cnluzon/prophtools:latest prioritize --matfile /sampledata/example.mat --src net0 --dst net2 --qname node_0 --out /sampledata/result.csv

will run a prioritization on the example.mat file and write the results in the same folder provided as a data volume.

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