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A Base Image For Yii 2 Projects (deprecated)
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This image is now DEPRECATED. We may still push updates for Yii2 2.0.x but will cease with Yii2 2.1.x. Our refactored template codemix/yii2-dockerized now includes a build step for app specific base images instead.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Check the tags page for a full list of available tags.

Yii 2 Base

This is a base image for Yii 2 projects.

IMPORTANT: The image does not contain an app template!
So you must always first combine it with your own application code to make it work!

The main purpose of this image is,

  • to provide a PHP runtime environment that is configured for Yii and
  • that has the base yii2 composer packages pre-installed.

Available versions

There are three flavours of this image

  • Apache with PHP module (based on php:7.0.8-apache or php:5.6.18-apache)
  • PHP-FPM (based on php:7.0.8-fpm or php:5.6.18-fpm)
  • HHVM (based on estebanmatias92/hhvm:3.8.1-fastcgi)

How to use this Image

If you want to use your own Application Template, please refer to our project page on github for detailled instructions.

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