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Automated deployment agent to install on your servers.
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Automated deployment agent to install on your servers.
It manages automated deployment workflows based on webhooks for your projects.


You can find the Dockerfile in our github repository


The latest tag should always have the latest stable version of the agent.
There are also tags corresponding to each release version of the format vX.Y.Z, e.g. v0.1.2.


This container is a light Linux PHP 7.0-apache stack with our deploy-agent embedded.
You can use it through docker run command through docker-compose as a service.

The important part of setup is related to the volumes in which the deploy-agent will store it's database, the application packages and the deployed applications.


  • data/db : To store the deploy agent's SQLite database ( optionnal )
  • data/packages : To store build packages

And another volume free of your choice where the applications will be deployed. You must then specify this volume mount point during the application registration process in the Agent.

If you configured the data/db volume without having an existing database, you will need to run the following script :

$ docker exec MY_CONTAINER /bin/sh -c 'cd /var/app && scripts/post-create-project'

Docker-compose ( Example )

version: '2'

        image: continuous/deploy-agent:latest
            - 8080:80
            - ./db:/var/app/data/db
            - ./logs:/var/app/data/logs
            - ./packages:/var/app/data/packages
            - ./myApplication:/mnt/applications/blueprint-cphp

Source code

Source code is available in the related Github repository:


should be reported on the Github issues page.

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