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The web-based visual management and monitoring solution for DataStax Enterprise (DSE)
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Where to get help:

DataStax Academy, DataStax Slack

For documentation and tutorials head over to DataStax Academy. On Academy you’ll find everything you need to configure and deploy the DataStax Docker Images.

Featured Tutorial - DataStax Enterprise 6 Guided Tour

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What is DataStax OpsCenter

OpsCenter is the web-based visual management and monitoring solution for DataStax Enterprise DSE.

Getting Started with DataStax and Docker

DataStax Docker images are licensed only for Development purposes in non-production environments. You can use these images to learn DSE, OpsCenter and DataStax Studio, to try new ideas, to test and demonstrate your application.

Quick start examples

Create an Opscenter container
docker run -e DS_LICENSE=accept -p 8888:8888 --name my-opscenter -d datastax/dse-opscenter

Next Steps

Head over to DataStax Academy for advanced documentation including

  • Apache Cassandra™/Datastax configuration management
  • Using environment variables
  • Persisting data
  • Exposing public ports
  • Volumes and data directories
  • Docker Compose examples to spin up connected clusters of DataStax Enterprise, Studio, and Opscenter (also on github)
  • Step-by-step tutorials and examples
  • How to build applications using Apache Cassandra™/ DataStax


Use the following links to review the license:
OpsCenter License Terms
DataStax License Terms

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