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University of Edinburgh Informatics legacy expenses program "claimform"
Full Description

Produces a filled-out expenses form from a simple text input. Only useful for staff at University of Edinburgh.

To run, you can use the docker volume mounted at /claims to share a directory containing
claim forms, like this:

    docker run --rm=true -v `pwd`:/claims claimform claimform -o 2014-11-Books.pdf 2014-11-Books.claim

The directory should have a claimformrc file in it.

To see a sample claimform do:

    docker run --rm=true claimform cat /claims/example.claim

and a sample rc:

    docker run --rm=true claimform cat /claims/claimformrc

To see claimform command usage instructions:

    docker run --rm=true claimform man claimform

To get the Dockerfile, see

Docker Pull Command