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Publisher listens to the docker events API for running containers and publishes
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Publisher listens directly to a docker socket bind-mounted into the container and listens to the
docker events API for running containers on the host. Deis applications are published to etcd for
service discovery.

Running this Container

Run the publisher with the --etcd-host set to be the IP address/hostname of the etcd endpint you wish to target, and --host to be the IP address of the host running this container:

$ docker run -d -v /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock deis/publisher --etcd-host= --host=

Building from Source

To build the image, run make build.

The build/runtime environment is split into two parts:

The build environment

Based on deis/go, this image installs Go and compiles publisher into a binary.

The runtime environment

Leveraging the build environment, this image pulls in the standalone binary compiled in
the build environment and injects it into a minimal standalone container, minimizing the
disk space footprint that this image takes up. In fact, this image is < 5MB:

$ docker images | grep publisher
deis/publisher                           master              7974d140b07d        11 minutes ago      4.678 MB
deis/publisher-build                     master              75983660e714        11 minutes ago      1.091 GB
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