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Dockerized version of the pgcli tool for postgres. See
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Dockerized version of the pgcli tool for postgres.

Why a docker version?

I generally run my development apps with a separate container for the postgres database. Hooking up the database to the application is achieved via docker links. In order to make it easy to use pgcli on any postgres container, I've made a simple docker wrapper for the command. It is smart about pulling in the linked postgres environment variables and makes it easy to use on your own instances.


Installing is a simple docker pull away:

docker pull dencold/pgcli


If you have a postgres container already running, all you need to do is link the postgres container to pgcli. For example, if your postgres container was named my-postgres, you can attach pgcli with this one-liner:

docker run -it --link my-postgres:postgres --rm dencold/pgcli

You'll get a prompt for password, once authenticated you'll be in a pgcli session. When you exit, the container will automatically be cleaned up.

For more details, refer to the README on the github repository:

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