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Buildroot container

This is a Docker container for Buildroot for building root file
systems (rootfs). It was created to support the Docker nano project.

The configuration for this repository builds an empty rootfs because it is intended to serve as a template for your own
configurations. Get started building your own product by cloning the template


To build the rootfs follow these steps.

  1. ./nano build image – Build the Docker image locally and tag as buildroot.
  2. ./nano run – Removes any previous container started by this script and runs a new interactive container named
    Buildroot from the local buildroot image.
  3. buildroot-configure – Configure Buildroot to install desired packages.
  4. buildroot – Build new rootfs.
  5. [Ctrl]+[D] – Exit container.
  6. ./nano pull rootfs – Copies the compressed rootfs tarball from the Buildroot container to the working directory.
  7. ./nano pull config – Copies the Buildroot configuration if changes have been made.


To build BusyBox follow these steps.

  1. busybox-configure – Configure BusyBox to install the desired utilities.
  2. buildroot-configure – Configure Buildroot to build BusyBox from the target packages menu.
  3. Change the BusyBox configuration file setting to point to /etc/busybox.conf.

Creating a Docker image

A rootfs tarball can be directly imported as a new Docker image using the following command, where foo is the name of
the image.

docker import - foo < rootfs.tar.xz

The image can be run normally using a command similar to the following.

docker run -it foo /usr/bin/bar

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