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A docker image of jpetazzo's pipework
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A docker image of jpetazzo's pipework

For documentation ---> here.

Page on DockerHub ---> here.

For older Docker v1.7.1 compatibility, please use Larry's fork over here ---> larrycai/pipework:1.7.1.


This project is somewhat deprecated, in favor of newer L2 networking features of docker v1.10.x. Basically if you want L2 Bridge networking (like VMWare 'Bridged' networking mode)... that can be achieved with core docker features now. And that is better ways, less buggy. So for L2 external bridging, for your containers to appear on LAN, please try one of these solutions instead.

There are also other new networking features since docker v1.10.x, which replace other parts of the pipework feature set. Such as overlay networks etc.

Otherwise if you still require some more specialized networking setup, and it still cant be achieved with newest Docker networking APIs, then I guess maybe continue to use pipework and its unique features. If there is continued need, then this docker image may benefit from a new maintainer. No longer using Pipework for myself in favor of the new Docker networking stuff. Its very good, I recommend to try it! :)


  • Requires Docker 1.8.1
  • Requires Docker Compose 1.3.0
  • Needs to be run in privileged mode etc.


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2 years ago


Docker 1.10 now comes with new networking features. Which make external bridging a possibiltiy. The functionality is still very early, and has at least 1 known major bug.

However it may develop into a better solution. Welcome to the future!

2 years ago

Announcement: v1.1.3

The dreamcat4/pipework docker image is updated today. New version 1.1.3. It is recommended to upgrade if you happen to be experiencing issues related to DHCP or the host_routes feature.


  • The base image has been updated to ubuntu-15.10, and a working version of udhcpc has now been included. This can be used by specifying udhcpc instead of dhcp in your pipework_cmd= lines.


The pipework busybox containers (new default dhcp method) are not working for all users. The cause of the issue is unknown. So by specifying udhcpc instead of dhcp, the alternate dhcp client can work around the issue.

Host routes:

  • A new global setting route_add_delay has been created. If you are experiencing any issues with the setting up of host routes. So that your docker host machine can ping the containers.


A problem was found whereby it's necessary to wait a moment before adding the IP route to the host's routing table. The recommended setting is route_add_delay=1 for 1 sec. This seems to do the trick if you can't ping your containers via the host_routes feature.

2 years ago

Announcement: v1.1.1

The dreamcat4/pipework docker image is updated today. New version 1.1.1. It is recommended for all to upgrade.



  • There was an issue with the host_routes feature, whereby it would be impossible to switch off / disable the creation of routes on the local docker host. This is now fixed.
  • Multiple pipework commands - are now processed in a consistent predictable sequence. Which is alphabetical - descending, as per the unix sort command.
  • Another issue regarding multple pipework cmds (not being unset properly).

All credit to @deitch. Kind Regards.

2 years ago

Announcement: v1.1.0

The dreamcat4/pipework docker image is updated today. New version 1.1.0. It is recommended for all to upgrade.


The dhcp client is now changed from dhclient --> Jerome's new busybox udhcpc client. Better stability / performance. We have now also eliminate the 22 seconds of wait_sleep artificial delay. No longer needed. The new udhcpc client seems to be significantly more robust and performant. Now when pipework tried to aquire new dhcp leases it should not crash so frequently like it previous dhclient used to.

All credit to @jpetazoni. Kind Regards.

2 years ago

Daemon mode hasn't been working up to and including the version 1.0.8.
Daemon mode is now fixed in pipework v1.0.9.

Users are recommended to upgrade, and set restart=always policy to enjoy daemon mode task always running in the background. You must also set run_mode=batch,daemon on the pipework container. As per this image's docs / guide.