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Dockerfile for running a Killing Floor 2 server under wine
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Dockerfile for running a Killing Floor 2 server


2GB RAM and 30GB free disk space are essential. SSD recommended, otherwise map
changes will take a long time. Disk space requirements will keep going up as
updates are released.

Simple start

docker run -d -t --name kf2 -p \
    -p \
    -p \
    -p \
    -v $HOME/kf2:/home/steam/kf2server \

Configuring the server

Configuration is done via environment variables. To run a long, hard server:

docker run -d -t --name kf2 -p \
    -p \
    -p \
    -p \
    -v $HOME/kf2:/home/steam/kf2server \
    -e KF_DIFFICULTY=1 \
    -e KF_GAME_LENGTH=2 \


KF_MAP (default: KF-BioticsLab)

Starting map when the server is first loaded

KF_DIFFICULTY (default: 0)

Game difficulty.

  • 0 - normal
  • 1 - hard
  • 2 - suicidal
  • 3 - hell on earth

KF_ADMIN_PASS (default: secret)

Used for web console and in-game admin logins

KF_GAME_PASS (default: '')

Setting this creates a private server

KF_GAME_LENGTH (default: 1)

  • 0 - 4 waves
  • 1 - 7 waves
  • 2 - 10 waves

KF_SERVER_NAME (default: Killing Floor 2 Server)

Name that appears in the server browser

KF_ENABLE_WEB (default: false)

Set to true to enable the web console. You should probably also change the
default admin password
Access the web console on port 8080, the username is admin, the password is
set to KF_ADMIN_PASS (default: secret)

Building the image

docker build -t dwurf/docker-kf2:latest .


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