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Customizable mumble server (murmur) container.
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This is the next iteration to create a first class working mumble container.
This new version is now based on debian jessie slim image.

##How to use :

sudo docker run extra/mumble

You can choose to publish the port as you wish:

sudo docker run -p 53453:64738 -p 53453:64738/udp extra/mumble

You can provide multiple settings using environment variables :

sudo docker run -e "MAX_USERS=50" extra/mumble

##Available variables

- MAX_USERS : Maximum users connected at the same time (default : 10)
- SERVER_TEXT : Welcome Text (default : "Docker container")
- REGISTER_NAME : Root channel name (default : "Root")
- SERVER_PASSWORD : Server access passord (default : no password required)
- SUPW : SuperUser password  (default : generated by the program itself but user not informed at the moment)
- BANDWIDTH : connection bandwidth (default : 72000 bps)
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