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Short Description
Metricbeat is a data shipper that collect metrics from the OS and services running on a server.
Full Description

Detail about the metricbeat function can be reference at:

How to use:

docker run --pid=host fairus/metricbeat

Note: pid=host enable metricbeat to collect host level processes information. without this option you can only collect processes inside your metricbeat container

-e HOST=<elasticsearch ip address>
-e PORT=<elasticsearch port number>
-e BNAME=<any name, the beat name appear in you elasticsearch>
-e PERIOD=<number of seconds interval you want metricbeat to collect your data>

if you want to override the metricbeat configuration file i.e. metricbeat.yml:
-v <location of your configfile>:/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml

docker run --rm -e HOST= -e BNAME=itik --pid=host fairus/metricbeat
docker run --rm --pid=host -v /root/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml:/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml metricbeat

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