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FastScore Connect Microservice
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FastScore Connect

This is the Connect microservice of the FastScore Analytic Engine suite. It keeps and provides the configuration to other microservices and monitors their health.

Please visit the FastScore Getting Started Guide for a detailed review of how to get FastScore up and running.

How to run

Start the container with:

docker run -it --net=host fastscore/connect:1.0

The microservice publishes a REST API at port 8001. To get the specification of the API run:

curl -k https://localhost:8001/1/swagger

How to use with other FastScore microservices

Upon startup Connect is not configured. It gets its configuration using the REST API. Please see the Configuration section of the Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of Connect set up, including a basic configuration template.

To upload the configuration to Connect:

curl -k https://localhost:8001/1/config -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/x-yaml" --data-binary @config.yaml

When configured the Connect starts to periodically check health of all known microservices. The current snapshot of health checks can be retrieved as follows:

curl -k https://localhost:8001/1/connect
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