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Automated docker builds for bitcoin core releases.
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Automated Bitcoin Core / bitcoind docker builds

This repository contains the Dockerfile sources used on docker hub for automated builds of bitcoin core. Always run the latest version of bitcoin core with a single command.

Quick Guide

To run the latest release version of bitcoin core with a persistent blockchain storage on the docker host and open p2p-port run the following command.

$ docker run -i -t --rm --name bitcoind \
    -v $HOME/bitcoin-data:/root/.bitcoin \
    -p 8333:8333 \

After a successful start you are can detach docker's pseudo-TTY with Ctrl+P + Ctrl+Q.

To follow the daemon's output logs:

$ docker logs -f bitcoind

To test the bitcoin-cli

$ docker exec bitcoind bitcoin-cli getinfo

At you can verify that your node is reachable to the world and supporting the p2p network.

Custom arguments / running testnet

The :latest image uses bitcoind as ENTRYPOINT and -printtoconsole -disablewallet for CMD. Thus it uses STDOUT instead of debug.log and the wallet is disabled by default because this may require additional security measures.

Custom command line arguments appended to the docker image will replace the default CMD arguments. E.g. to run a testnet instance with wallet:

$ docker run -i -t --rm --name bitcoind_testnet \
    -v $HOME/bitcoin-data:/root/.bitcoin \
    -p 18333:18333 \
    felixweis/bitcoind \
    -printtoconsole \
    -testnet \
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