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Runtime environment for binaries built with Stackage. NO LONGER BEING UPDATED.
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Includes system shared
libraries required by all Stackage packages. Does not necessarily include all
data required for every use (e.g. has texlive-binaries for HaTeX, but does not
include LaTeX fonts), as that would be prohibitively large. Based on

For use with stack.

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a year ago

It would be really great to have Dockerfile's for these images at some point. stack images have been great for deployment so far, but it's hard to trust in production if I don't know what's inside it. I just upgraded to stack-run:lts-6 and that broke my app (which still works with stack-run:lts-5 even though it's built against stack-build:lts-6.0). If I had the Dockerfile, I could debug and post an issue... right now I'm just shooting in the dark...

2 years ago

that's the runtime image, not sure it contains stack itself

2 years ago

I seem not to be able to use stack with this image.

I launched the container this way:
sudo docker run -i -t -v /home/user/src/test_stack/ fpco/stack-run bin/bash

root@9f4e1d44c054:/# stack --version
bash: stack: command not found

Am I missing something ?
Where is located the stack binary, I can't find it ?
should I modify the PATH so as to point to it ?