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An Ubuntu derived image containing MapServer running as a FastCGI service under Nginx.
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Mapserver in Docker

This is an Ubuntu derived image containing
MapServer running under the Nginx web server as a
FastCGI service. Mapserver is compiled with a broad range of options, including
a comprehensive version of GDAL.

Each branch in the git repository corresponds to a supported Map server version
(e.g. 7.0.1) with the master branch following MapServer master. These branch
names are reflected in the image tags on the Docker Hub.


The HTTP endpoint for the MapServer mapserv CGI binary is the root URL at
/. This can be tested by mapping the web server's port 80 on the container
to port 8080 on the host:

docker run -p 8080:80 geodata/mapserver

You can then test using the included example mapfile by pointing your browser at

Other than the test mapfile located at
/usr/local/share/mapserver/examples/ no other MapServer configuration
is provided: you will need to provide appropriate mapfiles and ancilliary
configuration files (e.g. templates) for running Mapserver, either via volume or
bind mounts or in a derived image. E.g. assuming you have the mapfile
'' in the current working directory, you could mount it as:

docker run -v $(pwd):/maps:ro -p 8080:80 geodata/mapserver

You will then be able to access the map from your host machine at

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