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Docker GoCD agent based on Debian 7
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GoCD Agent Docker image

GoCD agent docker image based on debian 7.

Issues, feedback?

Please make sure to log them at


Please checkout the changes made every release to the agent images at


Start the container with this:

docker run -d -e GO_SERVER_URL=... gocd/gocd-agent-debian-7:v18.3.0

Note: Please make sure to always provide the version. We do not publish the latest tag. And we don't intend to.

This will start the GoCD agent and connect it the GoCD server specified by GO_SERVER_URL.

Note: The GO_SERVER_URL must be an HTTPS url and end with /go, for e.g.

Usage with docker GoCD server

If you have a gocd-server container running and it's named angry_feynman, you can connect a gocd-agent container to it by doing:

docker run -itd -e GO_SERVER_URL=https://$(docker inspect --format='{{(index (index .NetworkSettings.IPAddress))}}' angry_feynman):8154/go gocd/gocd-agent-debian-7:v18.3.0


If the docker container running the gocd server has ports mapped to the host,

docker run -itd -e GO_SERVER_URL=https://<ip_of_host_machine>:$(docker inspect --format='{{(index (index .NetworkSettings.Ports "8154/tcp") 0).HostPort}}' angry_feynman)/go gocd/gocd-agent-debian-7:v18.3.0

Available configuration options

Auto-registering the agents

docker run -d \
        -e AGENT_AUTO_REGISTER_KEY=... \

If the AGENT_AUTO_REGISTER_* variables are provided (we recommend that you do), then the agent will be automatically approved by the server. See the auto registration docs on the GoCD website.

Usage with docker and swarm elastic agent plugins

This image will work well with the docker elastic agent plugin and the docker swarm elastic agent plugin. No special configuration would be needed.

Mounting volumes

The GoCD agent will store all configuration, logs and perform builds in /godata. If you'd like to provide secure credentials like SSH private keys among other things, you can mount /home/go.

docker run -v /path/to/godata:/godata -v /path/to/home-dir:/home/go gocd/gocd-agent-debian-7:v18.3.0

Note: Ensure that /path/to/home-dir and /path/to/godata is accessible by the go user in container (go user - uid 1000).

Tweaking JVM options (memory, heap etc)

JVM options can be tweaked using the environment variable GO_AGENT_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES.

docker run -e GO_AGENT_SYSTEM_PROPERTIES="-Dfoo=bar" gocd/gocd-agent-debian-7:v18.3.0

Under the hood

The GoCD server runs as the go user, the location of the various directories is:

Directory Description
/godata/config the directory where the GoCD configuration is store
/godata/pipelines the directory where the agent will run builds
/godata/logs the directory where GoCD logs will be written out to
/home/go the home directory for the GoCD server


The GoCD agent does not connect to the server

  • Check if the docker container is running docker ps -a
  • Check the STDOUT to see if there is any output that indicates failures docker logs CONTAINER_ID
  • Check the agent logs docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID /bin/bash, then run less /godata/logs/*.log inside the container.

Bugs with Docker Agent Images 17.3.0

  • Anyone using our docker agent image as the base image for your customized image, and writing to /home/go as part of your Dockerfile, these changes in /home/go don't persist while you start the container with your custom image.
    A fix has been applied here and will be available for subsequent releases of the docker images.


Copyright 2017 ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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