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Sidecar service discovery platform
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Sidecar is a dynamic service discovery platform requiring no external coordination service. It's a peer-to-peer system that uses a gossip protocol for all communication between hosts. Sidecar health checks local services and announces them to peer systems. It's Docker-native so your containerized applications work out of the box.

Services communicate to each other through an HAproxy instance on each host that is itself managed and configured by Sidecar. It is inspired by Airbnb's SmartStack. But, we believe it has a few advantages over SmartStack:

  • Native support for Docker (works without Docker, too!)
  • No dependence on Zookeeper or other centralized services
  • Peer-to-peer, so it works on your laptop or on a large cluster
  • Static binary means it's easy to deploy, and there is no interpreter needed
  • Tiny memory usage (under 20MB) and few execution threads means its very light weight

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