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Base image with the Dart SDK
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google/dart is a
docker base image that bundles the latest version
of the Dart SDK installed from

It serves as a base for the
google/dart-runtime image.


If you have an application directory with a pubspec.yaml file and the
main aplication entry point in main.dart you can create a Dockerfile
in the application directory with the following content:

FROM google/dart


ADD pubspec.* /app/
RUN pub get
ADD . /app
RUN pub get --offline

CMD []
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/dart", "main.dart"]

See below for the reason for running pub get twice.

To build a docker image tagged with my/app run:

docker build -t my/app .

To run this image in a container:

docker run -i -t my/app

However, if you application directory has a layout like this and potentially is
exposing a server at port 8080 you should consider using the base image
google/dart-runtime instead.

Why run pub get twice

When a Docker image is build, symbolic links are not followed. This means that
when the package directory is added it will contain sym-links to the host
cache. These sym-links will be broken.

The steps in the Dockerfile above will do the following:

  • Populate a pub cache in the image at /var/cache/pub based on the
    application pubspec.yaml file.
  • Add the application files including the package directory with broken
  • Run pub get again to fix the sym-links in the package directory to the
    image cache.

The reason for populating the pub cache in the image before adding all
application files is to keep the docker diff when only changing application
files small.

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