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Scaner, Social Context Analysis aNd Emotion Recognition is a platform to
collect and analyse social context, i.e context of users and content in
social media. In particular, Scaner detects possible influencers and
assess their relevance and impact capabilities in a given topic.

Scaner uses data from Twitter to do several tasks as:

  • Rank most influential users in Twitter according to topics
  • Find the network of an user
  • Analyze data from tweets studying its impact or relevance.

To do so, Scaner provides an API REST to easily manage data and periodically calculate metrics of users and tweets.


.. image:: img/architectures.png
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Firstly you have to install
Docker <> and Docker
Compose. This can be easily installed with
pip <>

.. code:: bash

$ pip install docker-compose

Now, clone the repository into your local system

.. code:: bash

$ git clone

Use Docker Compose to build the application:

.. code:: bash

$ cd scaner
$ docker-compose build

Then, it is necessary to run OrientDB

.. code:: bash

$ ./

Finally, we run the application

.. code:: bash

$ docker-compose up

Scaner application it is now available on port 5000


For more information visit


This development has been partially funded by the European Union through the MixedEmotions Project (project number H2020 655632), as part of the RIA ICT 15 Big data and Open Data Innovation and take-up programme.

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