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OCaml/opam environment with Ketrew (and a quick server configuration).
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Docker Stuff

This a Docker image/build for testing Ketrew server. It uses a self-signed TLS
certificate with any PostgreSQL database (through the $DB_URI variable).

This image is kept for the time being, but more up-to-date and flexible images
are available at hammerlab/keredofi.

The instructions below are still valid ☺.


Using Docker Hub

There is a public build of the image:

DOCKER_TAG=latest  # Or any other tag
docker pull hammerlab/ketrew-server:$DOCKER_TAG

Running the server (replace -i with -d to put it properly in the

docker run -ti -p 443:8443 \
    --env PORT=8443 --env AUTH_TOKEN=blablabla \
    --env "DB_URI=postgresql://" \
    hammerlab/ketrew-server:$DOCKER_TAG \
    ketrew start

And the server is there:

Of course, just run bash instead of ketrew start to get a configured

See also docker ps, docker kill <id-prefix>, etc.

There is an easy way of providing a PostgreSQL database server:

docker run --name ketrew-postgres -p 5432:5432 \
    -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=kpass -d postgres

creates a (daemonized) container with a fresh DB server. Then one can use the
--link option to make it visible from the Ketrew container:

docker run -ti -p 443:8443 \
    --env PORT=8443 --env AUTH_TOKEN=blablabla \
    --link ketrew-postgres:the_db \
    --env "DB_URI=postgresql://the_db/?user=postgres&password=kpass" \
    hammerlab/ketrew-server:$DOCKER_TAG ketrew start

One can also inspect the database with psql:

docker run -it --rm --link ketrew-postgres:postgres \
   -e PGPASSWORD=kpass postgres psql -x -h postgres -U postgres

To stop/destroy the DB server:

docker kill ketrew-postgres
docker rm ketrew-postgres

Building The Image Locally

In the repository:

export DNAME=ketrew-dev-server
cd tools/docker/
docker build -t $DNAME .

Interactive exploration:

docker run -ti $DNAME bash

Run the server as in the previous section using $DNAME instead of

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