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Official IBM WebSphere Application Server traditional for Developers image
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The images in this repository contain IBM WebSphere Application Server traditional for Developers. Instructions on how to use this image as well as the scripts used to build the images can be found on GitHub. See the license section below for restrictions relating to the usage of this image.


We are keeping N-2 images in this repository, which means the current fixpack and the previous two.

The profile image contains the IBM WebSphere Application Server for Developers with the profile already created. With this image, when the container is started the server is started.

Admin console

In both cases a secure profile is created with an admin user ID of wsadmin and a generated password. The generated password can be retrieved from the container using the following command:

docker exec test cat /tmp/PASSWORD

It is also possible to specify a password when the container is run by mounting a file containing the password to /tmp/PASSWORD. For example:

docker run --name test -h test -v $(pwd)/PASSWORD:/tmp/PASSWORD \
  -p 9043:9043 -p 9443:9443 -d ibmcom/websphere-traditional:latest

Once the server has started, you can access the admin console at https://localhost:9043/ibm/console/ If you are running in Docker Toolbox, use the value returned by docker-machine ip instead of localhost.


The Dockerfiles and associated scripts are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

License for the product installed within the images is as follows:

Note that this license does not permit further distribution and restricts usage to a developer machine.

User Feedback

For issues relating specifically to this Docker image, please use the GitHub issue tracker. For more general issues relating to IBM WebSphere Application Server you can get help through the WASdev community. We welcome contributions following our guidelines.

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