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NFS v4 Server running on Alpine Linux v3.7.0. 19Mb
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A handy NFS Server image comprising of;

  • Alpine Linux v3.7.0. Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc (v1.1.18) and BusyBox.
  • Confd v0.14.0
  • NFS v4 only, over TCP on port 2049. Rpcbind is enabled for now to overcome a bug with slow startup, it shouldn't be required.

For ARM versions, tag 6-arm is based on hypriot/rpi-alpine and tag 7 onwards based on the stock Alpine image. Tag 7 uses confd v0.16.0.

For previous tag 7;

  • Same as latest but does not include support for enabling synchronous mode.

For previous tag 6;

  • Alpine Linux v3.6.0
  • Musl v1.1.15

For previous tag 5;

  • Confd v0.13.0

For previous tag 4;

  • Alpine Linux v3.5
  • Confd v0.12.0-dev

Note: There were some serious flaws with image versions 3 and earlier. Please use 4 or later. The earlier version are only here in case they are used in automated workflows.

When run, this container will make whatever directory is specified by the environment variable SHARED_DIRECTORY available to NFS v4 clients.

docker run -d --name nfs --privileged -v /some/where/fileshare:/nfsshare -e SHARED_DIRECTORY=/nfsshare itsthenetwork/nfs-server-alpine:latest

Add --net=host or -p 2049:2049 to make the shares externally accessible via the host networking stack. This isn't necessary if using Rancher or linking containers in some other way.

Adding -e READ_ONLY=true will cause the exports file to contain ro instead of rw, allowing only read access by the clients.

Adding -e SYNC=true will cause the exports file to contain sync instead of async, enabling synchronous mode. Check the exports man page for more information:

Due to the fsid=0 parameter set in the /etc/exports file, there's no need to specify the folder name when mounting from a client. For example, this works fine even though the folder being mounted and shared is /nfsshare:

sudo mount -v /some/where/here

To be a little more explicit:

sudo mount -v -o vers=4,loud /some/where/here

To unmount:

sudo umount /some/where/here

The /etc/exports file contains these parameters:


Note that the showmount command won't work against the server as rpcbind isn't running.


As reported here it appears Kubernetes requires the privileged: true option to be set.


You may need to do this to get things working;

sudo ros service enable kernel-headers
sudo ros service up kernel-headers

RancherOS uses overlayfs for Docker so please read the next section.


OverlayFS does not support NFS export so please volume mount into your NFS container from an alternative (hopefully one is available).

On RancherOS the /home, /media and /mnt file systems are good choices as these are ext4.

Other OS's

You may need to ensure the nfs and nfsd kernel modules are loaded by running modprobe nfs nfsd.

Mounting Within a Container

The container requires the SYS_ADMIN capability, or, less securely, to be run in privileged mode.

What Good Looks Like

A successful server start should produce log output like this:

The PERMITTED environment variable is missing or null, defaulting to '*'.
Any client can mount.
The READ_ONLY environment variable is missing or null, defaulting to 'rw'
Clients have read/write access.
The SYNC environment variable is missing or null, defaulting to 'async'.
Writes will not be immediately written to disk.
Starting Confd population of files...
confd 0.14.0 (Git SHA: 9fab9634, Go Version: go1.9.1)
2018-05-07T18:24:39Z d62d37258311 /usr/bin/confd[14]: INFO Backend set to env
2018-05-07T18:24:39Z d62d37258311 /usr/bin/confd[14]: INFO Starting confd
2018-05-07T18:24:39Z d62d37258311 /usr/bin/confd[14]: INFO Backend source(s) set to 
2018-05-07T18:24:39Z d62d37258311 /usr/bin/confd[14]: INFO /etc/exports has md5sum 4f1bb7b2412ce5952ecb5ec22d8ed99d should be 92cc8fa446eef0e167648be03aba09e5
2018-05-07T18:24:39Z d62d37258311 /usr/bin/confd[14]: INFO Target config /etc/exports out of sync
2018-05-07T18:24:39Z d62d37258311 /usr/bin/confd[14]: INFO Target config /etc/exports has been updated
Displaying /etc/exports contents...
/nfsshare *(rw,fsid=0,async,no_subtree_check,no_auth_nlm,insecure,no_root_squash)
Starting rpcbind...
Displaying rpcbind status...
   program version netid     address                service    owner
    100000    4    tcp6      ::.0.111               -          superuser
    100000    3    tcp6      ::.0.111               -          superuser
    100000    4    udp6      ::.0.111               -          superuser
    100000    3    udp6      ::.0.111               -          superuser
    100000    4    tcp          -          superuser
    100000    3    tcp          -          superuser
    100000    2    tcp          -          superuser
    100000    4    udp          -          superuser
    100000    3    udp          -          superuser
    100000    2    udp          -          superuser
    100000    4    local     /var/run/rpcbind.sock  -          superuser
    100000    3    local     /var/run/rpcbind.sock  -          superuser
Starting NFS in the background...
rpc.nfsd: knfsd is currently down
rpc.nfsd: Writing version string to kernel: -2 -3 +4 
rpc.nfsd: Created AF_INET TCP socket.
rpc.nfsd: Created AF_INET6 TCP socket.
Exporting File System...
exporting *:/nfsshare
/nfsshare         <world>
Starting Mountd in the background...
Startup successful.


This image's source files can be found on GitHub here:


The Dockerfile used to create this image is available at the root of the file system and on GitHub. Here it is anyway:

FROM alpine:latest
LABEL maintainer "Steven Iveson <>"
LABEL source ""
LABEL branch "master"
COPY Dockerfile /Dockerfile

RUN apk add --update --verbose nfs-utils bash iproute2 && \
    rm -rf /var/cache/apk/* /tmp/* && \
    rm -f /sbin/halt /sbin/poweroff /sbin/reboot && \
    mkdir -p /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs && \
    mkdir -p /var/lib/nfs/v4recovery && \
    echo "rpc_pipefs    /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs rpc_pipefs      defaults        0       0" >> /etc/fstab && \
    echo "nfsd  /proc/fs/nfsd   nfsd    defaults        0       0" >> /etc/fstab

COPY confd-binary /usr/bin/confd
COPY confd/confd.toml /etc/confd/confd.toml
COPY confd/toml/* /etc/confd/conf.d/
COPY confd/tmpl/* /etc/confd/templates/

COPY /usr/bin/
COPY .bashrc /root/.bashrc

RUN chmod +x /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/confd

ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/bin/"]
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