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Firebird SQL Database Server
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docker Firebird

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

2.5-sc, 2.5.7-sc (2.5-sc/Dockerfile)

2.5-ss, 2.5.7-ss (2.5-ss/Dockerfile)

3.0, 3.0.2 latest (Dockerfile)

What's New

3.0.2 released

3.0.2 packages were released by the Firebird Project and the images have been updated.

Alpine branch on github

I have sort of built firebird under alpine, the build is at this time not working.
If you see a tag show up on the docker hub but not in the supported list above then do not expect it to work.
If you would like to poke around feel free to check out the github branch for 3.0-alpine.

2.5.7 released

2.5.7 packages were released by the Firebird Project and the images have been updated.


Support for setting the SYSDBA password through ISC_PASSWORD variable and creation of users/a default database

Using Dynamic Matching on the Docker Hub now.

This will allow me to maintain more tags and branches to include older legacy versions and allow you pin against a specific version.

3.0 is now default

The "Latest" tag on docker hub is now 3.0.

Default password for sysdba

The default password for sysdba is randomly generated when you first launch the container,
look in the docker log for your container or pull /var/firebird/etc/SYSDBA.password.
Alternatively you may pass the environment variable ISC_PASSWORD to set the default password.

Update policy

Stable releases

I will maintain current versions of Stable firebird releases. Each version of the stable branches
will recieve a tag on both github and docker that will be semi permanent. The latest tagged
versions will periodically be deleted and remade if a new feature for the image is created.
Tags other than the latest release will not be updated as image specific features are implemented


Any new image features will be developed on the 3.0 releases


On request I am happy to attempt to backport any 3.0 image feature to the 2.5 branches

Development policy

4.0 is presently in alpha I would like to start maintaining images when it moves into beta if time permits.
Until 4.0 hits RC stage I don't believe it will be feasible for me to maintain up to date images of 4.0 though
and until final release is made I do not intend to promise stability of tags, ie as new release candidates or betas
get released I may remove older 4.0 tags.


This is a Firebird SQL Database container.

Default Login information

Username: SYSDBA
Password is either set by ISC_PASSWORD or randomized

Environment Variables:


TimeZone. (i.e. America/Chicago)


Default sysdba user password, if left blank a random 20 character password will be set instead.
The password used will be placed in /var/firebird/etc/SYSDBA.password.
If a random password is generated then it will be in the log for the container.


If this is set then a database will be created with this name under the /databases volume with the 'UTF8'
default character set and if FIREBIRD_USER is also set then FIREBIRD_USER will be given ownership.


This user will be created and given ownership of FIREBIRD_DATABASE.
This variable is only used if FIREBIRD_DATABASE is also set.


The password for FIREBIRD_USER, if left blank a random 20 character password will be set instead.
If a random password is generated then it will be in the log for the container.


If set to the path to a file then the named variable minus the _FILE portion will contain the contents of that file.
This is useful for using docker secrets to manage your password.
This applies to all variables except TZ

Server Architectures

At the moment only the "Super Classic" and "Super Server" architectures are available.


Super Classic.


Super Server.


Classic Server.



Default location to put database files


guardian lock DIR


config files DIR
message files DIR


log files DIR


security database DIR


Database lock directory




Please note for events to work properly you must either configure RemoteAuxPort and forward it with -p using a direct mapping where both sides internal and external use the same port or use --net=host to allow the random port mapping to work.
see: for more information on event port mapping.

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository

Comments (5)
4 months ago

@geraldvk, I bind mount my new configuration file over the existing one, you could also just copy the file out of the container using docker cp and copy the new one back in then restart it, or you could copy the whole /var/firebird/etc dir out and then mount the dir to your host system containing the copy.

4 months ago

How can i change the settings in the config files ?(/var/firebird/etc) .
I have a container running on Linux.
share the mounted volumes?

2 years ago

Dockerfile needs to be modified not to change the default pass but i use this with a static db that i already long since changed the admin pass on so i never noticed its random. The default password changes every time a new image is pushed to the hub, you can see the current one in /var/firebird/etc/SYSDBA.password but it is EXTREMELY advised you change that

2 years ago



2 years ago

What are the default credentials? Could you provide a connection example?