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Docker image with quality analysis tools for PHP.
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Static Analysis Tools for PHP

Docker image providing static analysis tools for PHP.

Supported platforms and PHP versions

Docker hub repository:

Nightly builds:



Available tools

Running tools

Pull the image:

docker pull jakzal/phpqa

The default command will list available tools:

docker run -it --rm jakzal/phpqa

To run the selected tool inside the container, you'll need to mount
the project directory on the container with -v $(pwd):/project.
Some tools like to write to the /tmp directory (like PHPStan, or Behat in some cases), therefore it's often useful
to share it between docker runs, i.e. with -v $(pwd)/tmp-phpqa:/tmp.
If you want to be able to interrupt the selected tool if it takes too much time to complete, you can use the
--init option. Please refer to the docker run documentation for more information.

docker run --init -it --rm -v $(pwd):/project -v $(pwd)/tmp-phpqa:/tmp -w /project jakzal/phpqa phpstan analyse src

You'll probably want to tweak this command for your needs and create an alias for convenience:

alias phpqa='docker run --init -it --rm -v $(pwd):/project -v $(pwd)/tmp-phpqa:/tmp -w /project jakzal/phpqa:alpine'

Add it to your ~/.bashrc so it's defined every time you start a new terminal session.

Now the command becomes a lot simpler:

phpqa phpstan analyse src

Building the image

git clone
cd phpqa
make build-latest

To build the alpine version:

make build-alpine

Customising the image

It's often needed to customise the image with project specific extensions.
To achieve that simply create a new image based on jakzal/phpqa:

FROM jakzal/phpqa:alpine

RUN apk add --no-cache libxml2-dev \
 && docker-php-ext-install soap

Next, build it:

docker build -t foo/phpqa .

Finally, use your customised image instead of the default one:

docker run --init -it --rm -v $(pwd):/project -w /project foo/phpqa phpmetrics .

Adding PHPStan extensions

A number of PHPStan extensions is available on the image in /tools/.composer/vendor-bin/phpstan/vendor out of the box.
You can find them with the command below:

phpqa find /tools/.composer/vendor-bin/phpstan/vendor/ -iname 'rules.neon' -or -iname 'extension.neon'

Use the composer-bin-plugin to install any additional PHPStan extensions in the phpstan namespace:

FROM jakzal/phpqa:alpine

RUN composer global bin phpstan require phpstan/phpstan-phpunit

You'll be able to include them in your PHPStan configuration from the /tools/.composer/vendor-bin/phpstan/vendor path:

    - /tools/.composer/vendor-bin/phpstan/vendor/phpstan/phpstan-phpunit/extension.neon

Debugger & Code Coverage

The php-dbg debugger is provided by default. No additional extensions (like XDebug) are required to calculate code coverage:

phpqa phpdbg -qrr ./vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text


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