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Quake3 Server on Alpine Linux

This image provides a simple quake3 dedicated server. It was originally based on Arch Linux but moved to Apline Linux. This change reduced the image size from around 900mb to 32mb.


To run a simple baseq3 dedicated server do:

export PAK0=/path/to/pak0.pk3
docker run -it --rm -v ${PAK0}:/pak0.pk3 \
-p jberrenberg/quake3

To run the server in the background replace the -it --rm with a nice name --name quake -d

export PAK0=/path/to/pak0.pk3
docker run --name quake -d -v ${PAK0}:/pak0.pk3 \
-p jberrenberg/quake3

Now to stop the server again use docker stop

docker stop quake3

and to remove it use rm

docker rm quake3

Real Setup

Since we will add additional maps and configurations to our server, we will create a data container for these files. Use following command to create a empty busybox container named quake3-data

docker run -v /home/ioq3srv/.q3a/baseq3 --name quake3-data busybox

Now we can copy a configuration into this container

export PAK0=/path/to/pak0.pk3
docker cp my-server.cfg quake3-data:/home/ioq3srv/.q3a/baseq3/my-server.cfg

or mount it and download maps from the web

docker run --rm --it --volumes-from quake3-data alpine bash
cd /home/ioq3srv/.q3a/baseq3/

We can also cp the pak0 into the data container, then we no longer need to add
it on start.

export PAK0=/path/to/pak0.pk3
docker cp ${PAK0} quake3-data:/home/ioq3srv/.q3a/baseq3/

to run the quake server with the custom configuration use

docker run \
-it \
--rm \
-v ${PAK0}:/pak0.pk3 \
-p \
--volumes-from quake3-data \
jberrenberg/quake3 +exec my-server.cfg

Autostart via systemd

To run the quake3 server as a system service via systemd drop this unit file
into /etc/systemd/system/ called quake3.service

Description=quake3 server

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/docker pull jberrenberg/quake3:latest
ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/docker start quake3 || /usr/bin/docker \
        run --rm \
        --name quake3 \
        --volumes-from quake3-data \
        -p \
ExecStop=/bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/docker stop quake3'


Before we can start the quake3 sever we will reload systemd

systemctl daemon-reload

start the service

systemctl start quake3

enable autostart on boot

systemctl enable quake3

Using HTTP/FTP Download Support

In case you plan to use custom maps on your server it might be a good idea to enable sv_allowDownload. ioquake allows you to redirect the download request to a dedicated http server serving your map files. To use this feature add sv_allowDownload 8 and sv_dlURL to your server config.

NGINX example configuration

Start your nginx container with --volumes-from quake3-data and use the configuration below.

server {
  listen 80;

  location / {
    root /home/ioq3srv/.q3a/;
    sendfile           on;
    sendfile_max_chunk 1m;

    if ($http_referer !~* (^ioQ3:\/\/.*)) {
      return 401;

  location ~ (\.cfg$) {
    return 401;



When running docker on centos with selinux in permissive mode, you might encounter some problems. Since it bad practice just to disable SELinux or run the docker container with --privileged we will also cover the steps how to do it the right way. This is a little out of scope but it can't harm to cover these steps here.

The error:

Loading vm file vm/qagame.qvm...
File "vm/qagame.qvm" found at "/home/ioq3srv/ioquake3/osp"
----- Server Shutdown (Server fatal crashed: VM_CompileX86: mprotect failed) -----
VM_CompileX86: mprotect failed

First we will have a look at the audit logs

sudo grep -e ioq  /var/log/audit/audit.log |grep avc |tail -n 1
type=AVC msg=audit(3333333333.222:111111): avc:  denied  { execute } for pid=23092 comm="ioq3ded.x86_64" path=20000000000000000000000000011111111111 dev="tmpfs" ino=1111111 scontext=system_u:system_r:svirt_lxc_net_t:s0:3333,5555 tcontext=system_u:object_r:tmpfs_t:s0 tclass=file

Now we will use this line to create a selinux module

sudo grep -e ioq  /var/log/audit/audit.log |grep avc |tail -n 1 | audit2allow -M quake3

This will create a quake3.pp and quake3.te file. Using semodule -i quake3.pp we can load this custom module. To check if the loading was successful use semodule -l |grep quake3. Now selinux should no longer interfere with running the quake3 docker container.

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