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Simple chat written in Flask
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Flask Chat

A simple chat in flask. More a message board that looks like
in the 80s than a full-featured chat with videos and unicorn.

Information about how to deploy using Docker on a raspberry pi on this
blog post.


I wanted to have a simple chat with my friends and
not use snapshot, hangouts or any other popular solutions
that requires to be logged on a system you do not control.


This is a simple application written in Python/Flask.
It handles a single chat window. Users have to authenticate.


  • Single chat window
  • Several users
  • Admin functions to add/change users
  • No plain password stored

and for later ...

This could be integrated as well

  • GIFs search
  • Support to check HTML safety

How to use it?

git clone
cd flask-chat
# Replace the following line with virtualenv if necessary
python3.X -m venv venv # Replace X with your version of python
source venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

And then, open your browser to

Start with the user admin, password admin.

How to run tests?

python -m unittest discover tests


The docker image is available on Docker Hub:

Build the docker image

docker build -t flask-chat:latest .

Run the docker image

docker run -d -p 10000:5050 flask-chat

And then, open your browser to


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