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Ubuntu Core 14.04 + Caffe.
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Ubuntu Core 14.04 + Caffe. Includes Python interface.


If you find this useful in research please consider citing this work.

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5 months ago

How can I use it?
Show me the code for shell please.
Need I build caffe within this container?

a year ago

@lisesun: When searching for that error most people seem to end up making the device link to /dev/null - just add this command beforehand (will need to use sh -c "<link command>; <caffe command>").

a year ago

Thank you for sharing your image.

But when I import caffe by running
$ docker run -t -i kaixhin/caffe python -c 'import caffe'
I always get this error:
libdc1394 error: Failed to initialize libdc1394
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/matplotlib/ UserWarning: Matplotlib is building the font cache using fc-list. This may take a moment.
warnings.warn('Matplotlib is building the font cache using fc-list. This may take a moment.')

Could you tell me how to fix that?

Thank you!

2 years ago

Previous builds did not include the Python interface, but I have now added it. Please try again with the latest build and raise an issue on GitHub if there is still a problem.

2 years ago

I have used your dockerfile to create the image , but when i use import caffe in python interpreter , it is showing error . Even when i a trying to run a cpp file , it throws an error. Please provide a solution as how to fix this problem.

2 years ago

Even though I use vim and would find it useful, the decision has been made to keep these restricted to the frameworks as much as possible. Alternatively, vim is not a dependency.

Hopefully installing vim as needed is not too much trouble, but if it is then I would recommend creating your own image based on this one, with any extra programs you plan to use.

2 years ago

adding vim to the container will be great