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Mongoldb with a root user, a database owner and authentication enabled in config
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Docker Playground (mongodb part)


docker run --name flask-mongo -d -p 27017:27017 laztoum/mongo

A simple Docker and Docker Compose project. It can be used for flask with mongodb applications development.

  • Three docker images are created:
    • A base image from Ubuntu 16.04, including gosu
    • A mongodb image, with a root user and a database owner
    • A third image with flask (project files inside a volume), gunicorn (with the --reload option for autoreload on file change) and nginx. Flask mongoengine's example is included.

Getting Started

Images and containers setup

Docker is required. You can either

  • run inside the project's root directory or
  • install docker-compose version >= 1.6 and use the docker-compose.yml. Just run docker-compose up (optionally include the -d option to detach it)
    You can then change anything inside the flask project files and view the changes on http://localhost.

Start | stop the containers

either with

  • docker start | stop flask-mongo && docker start | stop flask-gunicorn-nginx or
  • docker-compose start|stop inside the folder containing docker-compose.yml
    The mongo container has to start before the flask/gunicorn/nginx container.



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