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Customized drone-docker to publish images with programmatic/complex tags.
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Lets you publish images with programmatic/complex tags to a docker registry.

Same options and fuctionality as, but adds parsing a .droneTags.yml file that contains a simple list of tags to publish.

We use this with for our nodejs applications.

Put or create as a build step a .droneTags.yml in the root of your workspace. Each tag in the tags: list will be applied to the image.


  - my_tag
  - v1.0.3
  - jgreat_core-api_feature-branch_1.0.3_3_aaaa1234


Add as a publish step to your drone.yml. Set image: leankit/drone-docker to override the default drone-docker plugin.

    image: leankit/drone-docker
    username: $$DOCKER_USER
    password: $$DOCKER_PASS
    email: $$DOCKER_EMAIL
    repo: leankit/core-api
    storage_driver: overlay


Requires "privileged" execution permissions. This will be configurable in Drone 0.5, but for now we are using a custom version of Drone 0.4 for a custom version of drone-exec that has the ESCLATE_FILTER support merged in.

Run drone with "leankit/drone-docker" added to the PLUGIN_FILTER option.

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