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Project to push all Toggl entries to FastBill.


This project solely works with the 2 mentioned service and it needs Zapier as a middle layer to push the changed.

It only works if the time slot that you push has a project and a client set.

Needs a paid subsciption for Toggl as the billable flag needs to be set to 'True'. Ping me if you need it working on the free plan of toggl.

Zapier Request

This is a sample request from Zapier that needs to be posted to /time_slots

  "duronly": "False",
  "wid": "1224731",
  "uid": "2210123",
  "stop": "2016-05-09T00:45:00+00:00",
  "pid": "16196625",
  "project": {
    "auto_estimates": "False",
    "wid": "1224731",
    "name": "Test Project",
    "cid": "18457982",
    "color": "4",
    "created_at": "2016-05-08T17:39:10+00:00",
    "actual_hours": "4",
    "client": {
      "at": "2016-05-04T15:49:58+00:00",
      "wid": "1224731",
      "id": "18457982",
      "name": "Zapier Test"
    "at": "2016-05-08T17:39:10+00:00",
    "template": "False",
    "billable": "False",
    "active": "True",
    "id": "16196625",
    "is_private": "True"
  "start": "2016-05-08T20:45:00+00:00",
  "duration_minutes": "240",
  "at": "2016-05-08T20:45:55+00:00",
  "workspace": {
    "profile": "0",
    "rounding_minutes": "0",
    "premium": "False",
    "name": "Leif's workspace",
    "default_hourly_rate": "0",
    "rounding": "1",
    "at": "2016-04-14T17:37:47+00:00",
    "admin": "True",
    "ical_enabled": "True",
    "only_admins_see_team_dashboard": "False",
    "only_admins_see_billable_rates": "False",
    "api_token": "68ef374f647d2ed597bdb0fb34e8f4e3",
    "projects_billable_by_default": "True",
    "default_currency": "USD",
    "only_admins_may_create_projects": "False",
    "id": "1224731",
    "subscription": {
      "vat_invalid_accepted_by": "",
      "workspace_id": "0",
      "vat_valid": "False",
      "created_at": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
      "updated_at": "",
      "vat_applicable": "False",
      "vat_validated_at": "",
      "vat_invalid_accepted_at": "",
      "deleted_at": "",
      "description": "Free"
  "billable": "False",
  "duration": "14400",
  "duration_hours": "4.0",
  "guid": "61522395-2cc8-4258-b147-f360d0f8d598",
  "id": "328483967",
  "duration_readable": "04:00:00"

The following fields are relevant:

  • start: start time of time slot
  • stop: end time of time slot
  • duration_minutes: duration in minutes (will be set as 100% billable in FastBill)
  • description: description of activitiy
  • ID that will be used to look up existing project in FastBill
  • Name of project
  • Id that will be used to look up existing client in FasBill
  • Name of client


This service uses Basic Authentication. No need to set an extra passwort, it will use the FastBill email as user and the token as password (same authentication that FastBill uses)



You can just deploy this project to Heroku as long as you have the Elixir and Phoenix buildpack installed.
It uses a Semantic Release Hook to deploy.

You need to however change thos details to customize to your needs:

  • Heroku Repo in package.json
  • SECRET_KEY_BASE env variable (you can create one via mix phoenix.gen.secret)
  • FASTBILL_EMAIL env variable
  • FASTBILL_TOKEN env variable
  • FASTBILL_TIMEZONE env variable (e.g. Europe/Berlin)


In order to receive changes you must configure a Zapier Webhook that pushes to time entries to your deployed application:

Don't forget to set Basic Authentication User Password in the form <FASTBILL_EMAIL>|<FASTBILL_TOKEN>

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