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QueueMetrics is a call-center monitoring & reporting tool for Asterisk PBX.
Full Description

QueueMetrics is a call-center monitoring and reporting tool for the Asterisk PBX. See

Image exposes port 8080, so you should start it as:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -P -d loway/queuemetrics

Connect via web to port 8080 and login as "demoadmin" password "demo" (remember to change the password afterwards!)

Running in production

If you want your image to have a permanent data folder (so you can e.g. upgrade or restart without losing anything), you can do something like:

docker run --name=MYQM loway/data true
docker run --volumes-from MYQM -p 8080:8080 -P -d loway/queuemetrics

This will create a data-only container called MYQM and will attach it to your QueueMetrics instance. You can then stop, delete and restart the QueueMetrics container (e.g. when upgrading) and all meaningful configuration will be in MYQM.

Exposed parts:

  • you can control the total amount of memory QM uses through MEM
  • to make a database backup, connect over docker exec and run a mysqldump (already installed) of database queuemetrics.
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