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Short Description based builds of the LSST DM stack
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These containers provide [binary] builds of the LSST DM stack based on the installation method. See:


* 14.0 / v14_0 release

docker run -ti
. /opt/lsst/software/stack/loadLSST.bash
setup lsst_distrib

* 13.0 / v13_0 release

docker run -ti lsstsqre/centos:7-stack-lsst_distrib-v13_0
. /opt/lsst/software/stack/loadLSST.bash
setup lsst_distrib

* 12.0 / v12_0 release

docker run -ti lsstsqre/centos:7-stack-lsst_distrib-v12_0
. /opt/lsst/software/stack/loadLSST.bash
setup lsst_distrib

Tag format

The tag format is <centos major version>-stack-<EUPS product>-<EUPS distrib tag>. Eg,

docker run -ti lsstsqre/centos:7-stack-lsst_distrib-w_2017_6

Would invoke a centos 7 based container that contains a build of lsst_distrib from the EUPS distrib tag w_2017_6 .

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